Our Simple Steps For Giving Your Children Confidence

As our children grow, they continue to develop skills in every area of their lives. These go beyond the academic skills they pick up during their days at school. These skills include emotional intelligence, self-confidence, and being able to predict the possible consequences of their actions. Self-confidence is particularly important as it helps them to recover from failures, learn from their mistakes, and have the will to try again. It can be difficult helping your children develop their confidence, but there are things you can do. Consider adding the following tips to your toolbelt.

Our Simple Steps For Giving Your Children Confidence

Handling today’s everyday struggles requires trusting yourself, as well as plenty of confidence and self-esteem. Developing these traits is difficult to do on your own. Our children need our support and encouragement to overcome those influences that try to hold them down. Ongoing positive reinforcement can be challenging to manage, and not every downturn can immediately be reversed. The trick is to be a consistent and supportive figure in your child’s life when things try to beat them down. Considering the following tips:

  • Celebrate Their Success: The best way to really help a success sink home is by celebrating it with them. This helps them know that you’re proud of them and share their happiness when they succeed. You should also reinforce their worth when they don’t succeed. This helps prevent putting the idea in place that they are only valued when they succeed.
  • Help Them Explore Their Passions: The things that capture our imagination and inflame our passions are more than mere passing fancies. They are representations of our inner selves, our dreams, and our aspirations. Supporting them in their interests and showing interest when they speak about them can help grow self-esteem.
  • Support Their Identity: As we develop, we begin to understand more about ourselves and discover facets of our personality and identity that may surprise us. The most important thing you can do for your children as they move through these phases is given them room to grow. This means supporting them as they explore their identity and giving them room to be themselves.
  • Allow Them To Fail: The road to success is paved with endless failures and setbacks. Teaching them that failure is a learning opportunity and not a character flaw. Help them recover from their disappointment and to find the lessons they can use to do better next time.
  • Present Confidence: The best way to be a role model for self-confidence is to present that confidence yourself. Your child will see this confidence and be more likely to reflect it in their own attitudes and perceptions.

Using Therapy To Improve Your Confidence

Staying confident in the face of the challenges life brings you can be hard to manage. This is especially true when these challenges include lost friends, family, or relationships. Working through these hardships can be easier when you have the help of a qualified therapist. With guided therapy, we can find better ways to reconnect with our family and prepare for the future ahead.

Dr. Aryeh Berlin is a New Jersey licensed clinical psychologist and founder of Aspire Psychological Group. Dr. Berlin has vast clinical training experiences including a residential adolescent addiction treatment center in Israel, community mental health centers, and youth detention centers. Dr. Berlin has lectured on parenting children with emotional and behavioral difficulties, child development, helping children with school-related challenges and trauma. Audiences included attorneys, mental health professionals, parents, and educators.