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Our Patients
Love Dr. Berlin's Approach

Dr. Berlin is a top-tier psychologist.
"Dr. Berlin is a top-tier psychologist. I have worked with him professionally for years now and have only the best things to say. His approach to patients demonstrates an incredible knowledge, skill, and humanistic touch. I strongly recommend Dr. Berlin."
JK, MD, Pediatric Neurologist, New Jersey Pediatric Neuroscience Institute
As an LCSW working with children and teens
"As an LCSW working with children and teens I have seen first-hand the deep understanding and wisdom that Dr. Berlin offers his clients. He possesses a sharp ability to get to the root of a client’s struggle in a compassionate and caring way. It is a pleasure to have worked with Dr. Berlin and I look forward to continuing to work with him for many years to come."
RE, Program Assistant, The Clifton Cheder
Dr. Berlin is an absolute pleasure to deal with
"Dr. Berlin is an absolute pleasure to deal with. He’s incredibly kind and it was an amazing experience getting to work with him."
Dr. Berlin and his team are highly skilled
"Dr. Berlin and his team are highly skilled clinicians who are knowledgeable, compassionate, and personable. I have worked in consultation with Dr. Belin on many occasions and have consistently found him to be a wonderful colleague to work with and have seen him hold himself to the highest standards of clinical practice."
SK, PsyD, Owner, Blue Anchor Psychology
Dr. Berlin is GREAT
"Dr. Berlin is GREAT. He really had his finger on the pulse and helped me in a huge way. He is amazing at what he does."
Dr. Berlin was a constant source of inspiration
“Dr. Berlin was a constant source of inspiration. I grew so much in myself, my marriage, raising my children, and in my profession because of him.”
I want to go back again
"As soon as we left the office for the first time, my son who had been so hesitant only 1 hour earlier turned to me and said, “I want to go back again”. Dr. Berlin has a way of connecting with people and the entire experience was smoother because of it."
L.M. - Mom, 10 year old treated for anxiety
Each answer reflected richness of experience…
“Every time …. It was obvious from his responses that he had a profoundly in-depth knowledge of psychology and development. The answers that I received reflected his richness of experience on the topics that he advised me on. I’m very happy I went to him for guidance.“
D.Y. - Parent seeking child specific parenting guidance
He was genuinely excited
"My son knew how much Dr. Berlin really truly cared and that made him look forward to going each week. When Dr. Berlin noted progress, he was genuinely excited. With each step forward, he reevaluated asking, “ what else do we need to address in order to reach our goals?”. I had never seen that by any of the previous providers we had tried. "
Mom of a child with OCD
Refined Intuition + Clinical Expertise >> Powerful Results
"Dr. Berlin is naturally intuitive and has vast psychological knowledge. A close friend may be a great listening ear but lacks the expertise, and not every pro instinctively gets it. When you combine these two, you get a powerful driver of success"
B.G. - 26 yr. old treated for Car accident trauma
We’ll be back… if we need
"You will not be in therapy forever! Dr. Berlin was confident when he said we had done enough and he was right! I’m grateful that he kept the lines of communication open, because if anything comes up again, we will definitely be going back!"
Mom of a child with severe school negativity
“Every time I went to Dr. Berlin for guidance it was obvious from his response that he had a profoundly in-depth knowledge of psychology and development and the answers that I received reflected his richness of experience on the topics that he advised me on. I was always very happy that I had gone to him for guidance.“
"Thank you so much for your informative and thoughtful presentation…your enthusiasm for your topic and depth of knowledge and experience kept everyone engaged for the entire time."
"Dr. Berlin has a unique ability to be present with his clients, helping them process in a healthy manner. It was a privilege to have Dr. Berlin guide me and help me get to where I am today."
Grateful for the referral
"When my child was making comments that reflected a very concerning negative self image ... we went back to the school social worker with whom my child had a relationship. She directed us to Dr. Berlin and we are so glad she recognized that the issues were deeper than we realized."
Y.T. - Mom, 9 year old Yeshiva boy
He sets the tone
“Dr. Berlin is very easygoing and very very kind which immediately sets the tone to open up. He gives off a calm vibe that is so comforting. Whether it was drawing or playing imaginary games, the doctor was up for it”
E. B. - Mom of a 10 year old treated for school refusal.
…empowered me to keep at it
“When there’s a breakthrough in therapy, he’ll point it out encouragingly. When I started feeling better about myself, I could feel the doctor's happiness and that empowered me to keep at it. He really really cares. “
N. M. - Dad of 3 treated for Car accident trauma
Stop the snowball effect
“Had I not given my son the gift of quality therapy, I fear this school year would have again been unsuccessful which would have had a snowballing effect. When a child is unsuccessful in school it impacts their overall emotional health... self esteem, self image... which affects their daily functioning and decreases their likelihood of being a successful adult. Eventually if left to fester, all that spills over into the home, resulting in a lot of negative behaviors, feelings and interactions. A child who isn't happy with themselves, isn’t happy in the home either which affects everyone around them.”
Mom of a 8 yr old suffering from anxiety/PTSD
Steady Progress
"My son never told me “I feel like I’m getting nowhere” like he did with the previous providers he had seen. The healing may have been slow but the progress was absolutely steady. As we moved along, Dr. Berlin suggested fewer sessions until he phased us out. He just wants you out of therapy as quickly as possible. I couldn’t be more impressed! "
H.G. - Mom, preteen treated for OCD/anxiety
Vital resource for our school … to rely on
"Dr. Berlin has been a vital and indispensable resource to our school for over a decade. His thorough and precise knowledge of the science and art of psychology has guided the administration in challenging situations. We have relied upon his unerring judgment and vast experience to help hundreds of students and their families. Dr. Berlin is always courteous and caring and a real pleasure to work with!"
Rabbi Yosef Rosenzweig, Principal, Yeshiva K’Tana of Passaic
"Dr. Berlin was professional and kind. He made us feel comfortable and was very effective in his treatment."
"Dr. Berlin was also able to quickly and easily build rapport and therapeutic relationships with very challenging clients. He either met or exceeded my expectations in all areas."