School Related Difficulty

A child struggling in the school environment is not maximizing opportunities to learn. No parent wants that for a child. When we send our children to school, we do so with the expectation that they will get a solid education in a healthy, supportive, and safe environment. What if that ideal isn’t the norm for your child?

The School Environment Has Changed

Schools have changed dramatically over the last 50 to 100 years. When many of our parents were in school, the biggest problems teachers and administrators had to deal with included things like chewing gum in class and students using bad language. Today, such behaviors wouldn’t be considered problematic at all.

Modern children are attempting to get an education while in a much different environment. Every day they are faced with social pressures many would never have imagined as kids. Things like drug use and violent behavior only make the already difficult school years that much harder. And for some children, it is too much to cope with.

All Sorts of Educational Difficulties

Children can struggle with school in many ways. Struggles can be behavioral in nature, or they can be the result of a mental health disorder. Some of the more common difficulties among schoolchildren include:

  • ADHD and similar disorders.
  • Learning disabilities.
  • Being bullied.
  • Social awkwardness.
  • Excessive peer pressure.
  • Performance anxiety.

When kids can work through their difficulties with the help and support of their parents, great. But when that help and support is not enough, therapy may be the answer. Evidence-based therapies like CBD, mindfulness, and motivational interviewing can all help.

Ignoring Things Doesn’t Help

It is worth noting that ignoring a child’s struggles in school doesn’t help. On the other hand, getting your child the professional help that they need can be instrumental in overcoming whatever difficulties he or she is facing.

Our approach to school difficulties is to face them head on. We help struggling students identify the root causes of their difficulties. We help them work through the myriad thoughts and emotions they deal with on a daily basis. By helping them understand their thoughts and emotions, and introducing new ones, we can help kids form a new outlook on the school experience.

Restoring Self-Confidence and Positivity

Kids struggling in school often lack self-confidence. Sometimes they feel like they are stuck in a hopeless situation with no way out. When such is the case, a big part of overcoming is restoring the child’s self-confidence. When a child is confident about their abilities, great things can happen.

Hand-in-hand with a lack of confidence is an associate lack of positivity. Along with feeling hopeless about the school situation, struggling students may see the entire experience as nothing but negative. This is no healthier than lacking self-confidence.

Therefore, we strive to help students identify and promote the positive. A positive attitude changes the game entirely – especially when it is combined with confidence in one’s own abilities.

Let Us Talk About Therapy

Every child struggles in school from time to time. Difficult courses and unfriendly peers are a normal part of the educational process. But if your child’s struggles are limiting their ability to learn, it may be time to talk about therapy. A combination of therapy and support should get your him or her back on track.

Aspire Psychological offers both in-person visits and teletherapy. We operate three offices in New Jersey and virtual consultations in more than 30 states. Please take a moment to contact us so we can set up that first appointment with you and your child.