Parenting Difficulty

It is often said that parenting is not for the faint of heart. Even under the best of circumstances, raising children involves challenges and responsibilities that are not associated with anything else a parent does. So it’s no surprise that some parents find themselves overwhelmed by the task before them.

We understand just how challenging it is to be a parent in the modern world. We assist parents experiencing difficulties in their roles as teachers, mentors, and role models for their children. Between in-office therapy and teletherapy in nearly 3 dozen states, we aspire to help as many struggling parents as we can.

No One Has All of the Answers

It doesn’t take long for new parents to figure out that they don’t have all the answers. Guess what? It never changes. And in fact, it is not unusual for parents of teenagers to feel like they have even fewer answers than they did when their children were toddlers. Such is the nature of parenting.

A variety of factors affect childhood development. Likewise, numerous influences can affect how a child learns, behaves, and even responds to mom and dad. In a therapeutic session, we endeavor to explore all those things from both sides of the relationship.

One of our goals with parents is to help them understand why their children think, feel, and behave the way they do. We also seek to explore how parents respond to their children – in ways that are both healthy and unhealthy. The goal is to help parents find some of the answers they have been missing all along.

You’re Not in This Alone

Parents that have difficulty with their children may feel like they are all alone. They look at the world around them and perceive that every other family is doing just fine. But truth be told, parents everywhere struggle from time to time. There is no perfect family.

If you are struggling with parenting difficulties, know two things:

  1. You’re Not Alone – Other parents are going through the same things you are experiencing. Others have already been through those things and come out the other end.
  1. You’re Not in This Alone – You don’t have to do this all by yourself. By combining therapy with the support of family and friends, you can overcome whatever difficulties you face.

We encourage parents to never give up hope. Where there is a desire to overcome parenting difficulties, there are ways to do it. Therapy might very well be the best place to start. Evidence-based therapies can help struggling parents better understand their struggles and subsequently develop strategies for overcoming them.

Every Parent Is Different

Our therapies for children take into account that every child is different. You’ll be happy to know that we take the same approach with parents. Every individual parent is a unique person with their own personality, thoughts, emotions, and even dreams.

What makes you who you are influences how you parent. It influences how you see the world as it relates to your children. There is no need to be afraid of who you are. There is certainly no need to allow yourself to feel defeated because parenting is a struggle.

We can help you parent more effectively based on who you are as a person. And where certain thoughts and emotions make your parenting struggles more difficult, we can introduce new thoughts and emotions to turn things around.

You might not feel like you are doing a great job as a parent, and that’s normal. But don’t live there. Let us help you work through your parenting difficulties so that your future parenting is better for both you and your children.