Accident Related Trauma

Accidents are a normal part of life. Most are minor, but some are major. Some accidents are severe enough to result in long-lasting psychological traumas. Whether or not such traumas are diagnosed as post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), therapy is often the best tool for overcoming them.

Both physical and psychological trauma can have long-lasting effects. It can be a contributing factor in disorders ranging from anxiety and depression to PTSD. Trauma victims can find themselves socially disconnected and unable to maintain healthy relationships. The reality is that accident-related trauma can turn a person’s life completely upside down.

The good news is that one does not have to live within those traumatic experiences. Trauma doesn’t have to be the controlling factor in a person’s life. With the right treatment and plenty of support, trauma can be overcome so that a person can take their life back. That is our main goal with trauma therapy.

Accident-Related Trauma and PTSD

Although PTSD is normally associated with military service and violent crime, any event dramatic enough to trigger the right kind of reaction in the brain can lead to PTSD. Violent car accidents are just one example.

PTSD manifests itself in a variety of symptoms that include:

  • Routinely reliving the event in one’s mind.
  • Uncontrolled thoughts about the traumatic event.
  • Recurring and distressing memories of the event.
  • Nightmares and difficulty sleeping.
  • Severe anxiety or emotional distress.
  • Feelings of sadness and despair.

The trauma associated with nearly any kind of accident can lead to discomfiting thoughts and feelings. Burying those thoughts and feelings only makes the trauma experience more difficult. Through therapy, the thoughts and feelings can be explored to gain better understanding of why the mind is reacting as it is. Coping strategies can then be developed to overcome those thoughts and feelings.

Your Best Life Is Waiting for You

If you are suffering from the effects of accident-related trauma, we can help. Your best life is out there waiting for you – we can help you find and seize it. We utilize evidence-based treatments including cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and dialectical behavior therapy (DBT), among others.

Through therapy and support, you can overcome your anxiety and fear. You can get a handle on your sadness and sense of loss. You can overcome those unwanted memories that seem to follow you day after day.

In-Office and Virtual Visits

You should also know that we strive to make therapy as easy as possible to access. To that end, we treat accident-related trauma at three locations in New Jersey. We also offer teletherapy in more than 30 states, utilizing the latest video conferencing technologies.

If you can visit one of our New Jersey offices, great. But if that’s not possible, we can still meet virtually. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have questions about teletherapy. We want to set your mind at ease before you make any decisions about your treatments.

Treating You, Not Your Condition

Accident-related trauma has followed you around for far too long. If you are ready to put it behind you and live your best life, let us talk about getting you started with therapy. Over multiple sessions, we can work together to put you in that place of victory.

Here at Aspire Psychological, our priority is to treat you rather than your condition. You are our main priority. We will do everything we can to help you overcome whatever trauma is holding you back. We look forward to one day standing with you as you look back on this point in your life as little more than a distant memory.