Pain Management

Chronic pain is an all-too-familiar issue among people, and because of its varying symptoms and multitude of effects, alleviating that pain isn’t always straightforward. Pain isn’t just a physical sensation but rather a complex relationship of biological, psychological, and emotional factors that can contribute to worsening mental health and mental conditions like depression, anxiety, and chronic stress. Addressing all aspects of your chronic pain means looking into the emotions and behaviors that accompany chronic pain, and through pain management therapy, Dr. Alan Berlin can help you cope more effectively with your pain and even reduce its intensity.

Why See A Psychologist About Chronic Pain

Seeing a psychologist often works to help people cope with thoughts, feelings, and behaviors surrounding their life, and most often, the assumption of physical and mental health being two separate concepts often leaves those in chronic pain without solutions. Despite this assumption, both physical and mental health are intricately affected by one another, often crossing over and creating indirect effects that cause negative consequences to one’s mental and physical health. Physical health largely contributes to the indirect effects on mental health, and while physicians can provide pain management on a physical level, addressing the complex psychological aspects of a person’s well-being needs more attention in that regard.

Through pain management therapy, clients handling chronic pain or other health condition can collaborate with Dr. Alan Berlin to address their emotional and physical health. This includes:

  • Mindfulness-Based Approaches: Using mindfulness to help treat and alleviate symptoms of chronic pain can help clients recognize negative thought patterns associated with their condition and teach the brain to be present.
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy: CBT can help patients focus on their thoughts and actions, working through various techniques to remove negative thoughts and actions that arise from experiencing chronic pain.
  • Stress Management: Stress management techniques, including breathing exercises, muscle relaxation, and guided imagery, can provide more calming effects to work with the body and influence the client’s emotional health.

Having a comprehensive understanding of your concerns and pain means that not only pain can potentially be reduced, but unhealthy beliefs about pain can be challenged throughout the treatment process, and newer, healthier coping mechanisms can be replaced. Through just a few sessions, patients can experience a better outlook for their conditions, find long-term treatment solutions, and develop better skills to live a fuller life. We encourage listening, communication and understanding as core methods for healing.

The Role of Aspire Psychology LLC In Pain Management

Aspire Psychology LLC works with clients to give them the techniques they need to have healthier coping mechanisms, thinking patterns, and better emotional health overall. Through pain management therapy, our client’s health becomes an all-inclusive focus on their well-being, allowing our patients to move forward and provide collaborative and comprehensive treatment. At Aspire Psychology LLC in Nutley, NJ, we’re here to help listen to your situation, treat you with compassion, and find treatment strategies that work for you.