Adult Therapy

Emotional challenges can often arise when rapid, numerous changes happen during our adulthood. This long period can often contain many overwhelming difficulties in relationships, sexual concerns, career challenges, and family problems that are often brought on by rapid change. These difficulties will often result in symptoms of depression, sleeplessness, anxiety, and other mental health problems that create negative thought patterns. In these moments, it can be hard to handle the emotional challenges that come with life, but at Aspire Psychological LLC, we work to provide a safe, supportive environment to work through those challenges and change thinking patterns long-term.

Understanding Adult Issues and Mental Health

Many serious mental health conditions can emerge as early as late teens to early twenties, complicating an already complicated period of life. These transitions from school to higher education or workforce create a rapid transition into adult roles and responsibilities. This massive shift in independence, maturity, and growth can also lead to an overwhelming sense of confusion and psychological distress. This distress can often be caused by new social settings and workplace environments that challenge held beliefs, conflict with identity, and adjustment to their expectations and responsibilities.

As these expectations and difficulties arise among adults between the ages of 18 and 35, this pressure may also lead to a higher risk of suicide. As the third leading cause of death for adults, stressful life events, trauma, histories of depression, and substance abuse are prominent risk factors affecting this crucial time in one’s life. Our occupation as psychologists means that through these challenges, we can help you find ways to transform thinking patterns, improve relationships with yourself and others, and achieve your goals through:

  • Support and Problem-Solving Skills: Finding support from a therapist can be helpful in guiding you towards more active thought development and awareness, giving you tools to look at those life problems and begin creating more positive outcomes.
  • Coping Strategies For Issues: Issues such as anxiety, bipolar disorder, unresolved childhood problems, trauma, and stress management can be managed through critical therapy sessions that help achieve healthier coping mechanisms.
  • Managing Personal Growth: Through various therapy techniques, it can also be a tremendous asset for personal growth, improving relationships, and family concerns that may be impacting your life.
  • Deeper Understanding: Most of all, therapy can help foster a deeper understanding of your personal experiences, how you experience emotion and help you find better ways to overcome issues.

Take The First Step Through Aspire Psychological

Dr. Alan Berlin has worked through various clinical experiences, focusing on severe childhood emotional and behavioral disorders. By analyzing and working through this developmental period, our practice works to meet those needs and provide our clients with a range of interventions, techniques, and research-based therapies that works towards more effective outcomes. Through our various therapies, we can work with you to help you overcome daily challenges with your mental health and give you a more positive outlook on life. Contact Aspire Psychological LLC in Nutley, NJ, to learn more!